Ethical Energy and Carbon Management Consultancy

Audit, measure and report on current company and industrial processes and identify areas of energy inefficiencies and recommend solution options

Verex Carbon Solutions Ltd is able to provide a wide range of independent expert audit and consultancy services to clients including government, municipal authorities and corporations.

Our independent audits will assess current practices and processes to establish current energy inefficiencies and carbon emission issues.

These audits are supported by strong recommendations on options available to the client.
It can recommend process and equipment changes and processes that will reduce both CO² outputs and energy usage.

Verex is able to provide clients with a wide range of Energy and Carbon Emission Audit and Management Services:

  1. Carbon Management
    Market leading service for Public Sector Carbon Management
  2. Low Carbon Buildings
    Management through to post occupancy evaluation
  3. Industrial Energy Management
    Strategy and project implementation support
  4. Supply Chain Management
    Driving down supply chain emissions and costs
  5. Emissions Assessment and Annual Reporting
    Over 1,200 assessments completed
  6. Regulatory Compliance
    Strong CRC-EES and DEC Client Portfolio?
  7. Clean Energy
    Strategy, due diligence, project review and development
  8. Utility Purchasing, Price Risk Management and Demand Response
    Via strategic partnership