Supply and Trading

Carbon Supply and Trading Services

We supply approved Carbon Credits to commercial clients to offset current or future CO²e
requirements and to private investors wishing to buy carbon credits for future resale.

When it is identified that there is a client need to offset Carbon footprint excess, the
team at VCS Ltd will review their Carbon Credit requirements and arrange supply for both
current and forward needs, at market leading prices.

The approach of the team at VCS Ltd is always solutions driven; never sales driven. This
forms the basis of the ethical approach adopted by VCS Ltd to reassure new entrants and
help bring this fledging carbon credit sector to maturity of operation and with standards
that can be trusted.

From an investment standpoint, the carbon credit market is tipped to become huge.
Indeed Barclays Capital forecast in the New York Times that:

’’Carbon Credits will be the world’s biggest commodity market, it could become the biggest
market overall’’ of the world’s largest commodities trading market.

We are happy to source approve and authorise carbon credits for both corporate and
private clients who wish to invest in this sector. We will also discuss and arrange exit
options where and when clients wish to sell their carbon credits.