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Why the need for a World-wide Carbon Reduction Strategy?

With the world’s expanding industrial base and growing population, governments worldwide have seen the need to join forces and address the issue of better management of the world’s finite level of natural resources and dramatically improve the use and efficiency of energy.

Improving energy efficiency is a noble aim in itself, but of equal importance is the need for worldwide government action for companies and individuals alike to substantially reduce their annual output of harmful Carbon Dioxide (CO²) emissions.

On from Kyoto – Worldwide Action

Whatever stance individual companies, or consumers, take on the core issue of the scale of the potential threat of global warming to the world, all governments are signing agreements to re-confirm their commitment and determination to reduce carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions and the need to dramatically improve the operating efficiency of all energy consuming processes.

Find out more about the Kyoto protocol here.

Impacts on all Major User Groups

The definable groups that consume resources to generate energy include government operations and publicly owned bodies; private businesses; domestic households and private individuals.

Under the stewardship of the United Nations, legislation is being implemented by governments to ensure that more stringent standards and guidelines are met.

These measures are aimed at ensuring that all major user groups will not be able to sidestep their respective obligation to improve energy usage efficiency and fundamentally reduce their output of carbon dioxide emissions.

Improving Company and Household Energy Efficiency and Usage Levels

Politicians and the media focus much of their attention on highlighting dramatic examples of the potential long-term effects of global warming, and the negative impact of Carbon Dioxide (CO²) emissions on our environment.

Whatever the merits of the argument or the examples they put forward, the key issues for all energy user groups actually revolve around the practical issues of what actions can be taken to improve energy usage efficiency levels and reduce levels of CO² emissions.

How to get the Major Energy User Groups
to Focus on the Main Issues

The main objective of the respective policies of governments worldwide is dealing with the practical issues of getting corporations and domestic users to:

a) Speed up improvements to existing carbon producing inefficient industrial production processes by corporations and
b) Change consumer behaviour to dramatically reduce wasteful energy usage in the home

These are the big issues that government actions throughout the world are now directing at public bodies, businesses, domestic households and consumers.